Tiktok Best Practices for Success

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Tiktok Best Practices for Success

Here is a list of my best practices and things to consider for creating content on Tiktok!

Here are some TikTok BEST PRACTICES, Tips, and Tricks to help you succeed!


This is a creative app where creation matters! If you want to build a large and loyal following then you have to post every single day. Ideally, you want to post 2-5 times per day.

Don’t ignore your CAPTIONS!

Make sure to write something that gives your video context and engages your audience. You want them to comment and heart your videos so use your caption to encourage this.

Use BRIGHT colors!

Pink, purple and orange really stand out and grab our attention.

Keep your videos SHORT.

Aim for 10-15 seconds. They can be shorter, but don’t go longer. If you want your followers to keep coming back and supporting you, then make sure to respond to their comments on your posts! Show your followers some love.

To keep up on all the latest trends on TikTok, you need to do some RESEARCH!

Make sure you’re watching videos on the app on a daily basis so you can see what is working well for other popular creators.

Let your PERSONALITY shine through!

Don’t try and fake it – just pull out your phone and make it! You’re videos don’t have to be expertly produced or edited. Be authentic and find your tribe!

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